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We would like to show that with the right tools and tips it is possible for everyone to make a fun, healthy and varied lunch for kids. A healthy lunch that makes parents and child happy, HappyBento!

HappyBento was created because I, as a mother of 2 school-going kids, was looking for a fun and practical way to give a varied and healthy lunch to school. My kids are two completely different eaters. One likes to eat all day long (preferably sweets) and the other is a picky eater that I regularly have to encourage to eat enough. For both kids I had the goal to have them eat varied with a good balance in healthy food. If I wanted to give fruit, bread and quark in combination, I soon ended up with 3 different packages per child to ensure that nothing leaked or became clammy. So I also had plastic waste every day because everything had to be packed properly. I noticed that as a result, the sandwiches with an extra biscuit and some fruit often became the standard again. The times I gave fruit or vegetables, I also regularly got them back home. My son didn't find this attractive enough to eat and sometimes didn't eat anything at all at school. So I started looking for a way to present a healthy lunch in an attractive way.

I came up with the Bento method, but soon noticed that there was little supply for this in the Netherlands or that the products were very expensive. Because I believe that it would be better for every child to eat a healthy and varied diet at school, I wanted to find a way to offer this lunch method more favorably. After all, a good balance in nutrition also has a positive effect on the growth, development and concentration of your child.

So I launched a real Bento box of our own brand, the HappyBento box, which is airtight and leak-proof. We also have a wide range of comparable or cheaper alternatives to lunch boxes with separate compartments. The shop has now expanded enormously and we have a very large range of lunch items for kids (and parents!) and the nicest matching accessories.

“Healthy eating should be a party for every child”

I am Caroline, 34 years old and mother of Benthe (10 years old) and Julian (7 years old). With the help of my dear partner Juul I was able to start HappyBento and I am grateful that I can now also give other parents and kids a Happy smile with our HappyBento products.

We love good food and cooking at home, but we know better than anyone that due to the hectic pace of family life, it often falls short to continue to eat creatively and healthy. Especially if you have a picky eater at home.

We think it's all about finding the right balance and HappyBento already helps a lot in the right direction.

Working with HappyBento


Choose a HappyBento box

You can get all the necessities for a bento lunch from us. Of course you need a HappyBento box to start. We sell these with 4 or 6 compartments. This way you keep moist food separate from dry food such as sandwiches. The more compartments the more you can vary.

Decorate your lunch

In addition, you can choose from several accessories to make fun lunch creations. We sell various cutters for bread, vegetables, fruit and lunch sticks with cute animals or other decorations in various themes.

Preparation is half the battle

If you think about what you want to make in advance, you save time and you can have a varied HappyBento lunch box ready within 10 minutes. If you don't have time for this in the morning, you can of course also prepare it in the evening and store it in the fridge. With HappyBento we also think about the environment, plastic bags or foils are a thing of the past.

Keep varying

We advise to provide a different lunch in between for a single day. This way it remains special and attractive to receive and eat the HappyBento lunch.

What does bento mean?

Bento is originally a popular meal that is common in Japan and is becoming more and more trending in Europe. The principle of a Bento lunch is that it should be a varied and healthy meal where you present the food beautifully. Because you pay extra attention to the presentation of the food, it becomes very attractive to eat healthy. Think of fun bread figures, fruit shapes and cheerful picks. By providing the lunch in our HappyBento box with these fun decorations, picky eaters are also encouraged to eat healthy. Every child will be happy with this nice healthy HappyBento lunch!

Why HappyBento?

Because it's fun, creative and healthy =) Eating healthy should be a party for every child! HappyBento wants to make this way of lunch possible for everyone. We therefore offer HappyBento boxes at a lower price than comparable bento boxes without compromising on quality. Thanks to the affordable handy and fun bento accessories that we offer next to it, you can vary endlessly with bread, fruit and vegetables to make a creative lunch.

We also regularly share fun ones examples and recipes on Social Media to give you extra inspiration.

How does HappyBento work?

You can get all the necessities for a bento lunch from us. Of course you have one to start with bento lunch box necessary. We sell these with 4 or 6 compartments. This way you keep moist food separate from dry food such as sandwiches. The more compartments the more you can vary. Choose for yourself what you like best. You can also choose from several bento accessories to make fun lunch creations.

The HappyBento accessories are not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.


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