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Bento lunch tips

Does your child stay over at school for lunch and does he or she need to bring a lunch box? There is a good chance that the standard sandwiches smeared with all good intentions will remain untouched.
That's not what you're waiting for. With a few bento lunch tips and tricks and a suitable lunch box you will be successful and you no longer have to worry about what your child is eating.

Not just any lunch box

Variation in food is often the magic word, but also the way in which the food is presented. The presentation is therefore very important. No matter how tasty and healthy the lunch you put together for your child is, if everything is wrapped in aluminum foil, pressed together or just floating through the drum, you've already lost half.

Fortunately, HappyBento has a perfect solution for that. A bento lunch box has several layers and compartments and is leak-proof. That way you can put together a true color palette of all healthy delicacies. Together with the many cheerful color schemes in which the Bento lunch box is executed, this is a feast for the eyes. Try to stay away from that!

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Make it attractive

While an ordinary slice of bread may be pushed aside, a slice of bread cut into a fun shape (or triangle) can look appealing. You can put grapes loose in a container, but strung on a skewer is of course much more fun. Also vary in color. So red tomatoes, orange carrots and green cucumber. It is often the way of presentation. The ingredients do not necessarily have to be original or deviate from what the child is used to eating. Instead of a sandwich you can also give pasta or a savory pancake. With a lot of sweetness, a savory counterpart is recommended. This also applies vice versa, of course. A lot of savory in the lunch box? You can also have something sweet in it.

Get your child involved

In general, children really enjoy being able to prepare something together or independently. Doing this the night before will save you a lot of stress the next morning. Another additional advantage is that it is of course much more fun to eat what you have prepared yourself. Maybe your child has a suggestion for a children's lunch tip.

Keep it exciting

Make sure there is enough variation with accessories such as bento rings, bento picks, etc. For example, use different themes to keep it interesting. Do not give your child such a festive lunch box every day or on the same days, but keep surprising your child. That way it doesn't become a habit and they will continue to appreciate it. For children who need a lot of structure, a fixed day is of course fine.

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