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Buy Carl Oscar lunch collection at HappyBento

The Scandinavian brand Carl Oscar has an extensive collection of nice lunch items. The designs have a cheerful appearance, they have various trendy fresh colors and are provided with nice prints.

All Carl Oscar designs are functional and of good quality. They are designed in such a way that the lunch items can also be used by small children. All Carl Oscar products are available in 5 different colors and prints that you can combine super nice with each other.

One of the favorite products from the Carl Oscar line is the famous SnackDisc. The rotating snack disc has 5 compartments (1 large compartment and 4 small compartments) so you can put different types of snacks in it. Turn the lid and surprise your child with what's in the different compartments =) You can fill it with pieces of fruit or vegetables, cheese, nuts or crackers, for example. It is also possible to remove the lid and use it as a plate. In short, the perfect solution for a short break at school or a healthy and varied snack on the go! In addition to this popular SnackDisc, there is now also the BentoDisc. The BentoDisc is a bit bigger than the SnackDisc, so you can now also use it for a long lunch break.

Would you like to bring something warm or cooled food to school or take it with you on the road? Then the LunchJar is a good solution 🙂 These are made of double-walled stainless steel and keep the food warm for 4 hours or cooled and fresh for 6 hours. Of course these are leak-proof.

Carl Oscar has also thought of nice handy lunch boxes. For example, there is the N'ice Lunchbox, which is equipped with a built-in cooling element, an extra lockable container and cutlery. Ideal for a varied lunch! Are you looking for a simple lightweight lunch box? Then Carl Oscar's Sandwich Box is perfect.

Would you like to bring some yogurt or a salad? Then choose the Carl Oscar Níce Cup. The N'ice Cup consists of two parts: a larger part for yoghurt, salad or fresh fruit and a lid for toppings such as nuts, muesli or croutons. The two parts are separated to keep the top layer fresh and dry. The N'ice Cup comes with CUTElery™ multi-cutlery fixed in the lid. Freeze the cooling disc horizontally for at least 4 hours and it will keep your food cold for about 2 hours.

For all these fun and handy lunch items, we naturally also have the matching leak-proof drinking bottles from Carl Oscar in our range. They have a nice drinking spout and are lightweight.