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Montii is an Australian brand founded by an Australian mother. She wanted to design decent quality lunch items for her own kids and make other parents happy with them 🙂

Montii specializes in designing insulated drinking bottles and insulated lunch bags. We therefore have both the Montii Drinking Bottles and the lunch bags in our range.

The insulated drinking bottles are double-walled insulated so that your drink stays cool for at least 12 hours. If you add ice cubes, this time will be extended considerably 🙂 These drinking bottles are not only very handy but also look super hip! You get them in different beautiful hip and cheerful colors. The Montii drinking bottles are made of sturdy material and do not easily slip out of your hands. They also have a drinking spout that is easy to open and close. Ideal for kids! Due to the double-walled insulation, these bottles are not suitable for the dishwasher. They are easy to clean by hand. The advantage of this material is that no odors linger in the cup.

The Montii lunch bags are also of very good quality and fully insulated. This keeps the lunch fresh until later in the day. This is especially ideal if you want to give a varied bento lunch with, for example, ypghurt or other cooled products. All Montii lunch bags come with a matching soft food-safe cooling element. This allows you to keep your food and drinks cool and fresh on the road or at school, even in the hot summer months. There is a separate compartment in the bag for the cooling element so that no condensation forms in the bag. We have a wide choice of different fun and trendy designs such as dinos, unicorn, llama and more! The Montii lunch bag is spacious enough to fit a HappyBento lunch box or Yumbox combined with a drinking bottle.