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Order the OmieBox from OmieLife at HappyBento

Discover Omie's passion for making everyday tasks easier. At Omie you will find the revolutionary OmieBox, the ultimate lunch box that can store both hot and cold food. With the OmieBox you no longer have to worry about bringing tasty and healthy meals. Available in 5 trendy color combinations, the OmieBox is the perfect companion for school, work or on the go.

To complete the lunch experience, Omie also offers leak-proof containers that fit perfectly in the OmieBox. With these handy containers you can pack different dishes separately, so that flavors and smells remain separate. No more leaks or mixed flavors!

And don't forget the OmiePod, the handy cutlery set in a silicone holder that can be easily attached to the handle of the lunch box. This way your child always has the right cutlery at hand to enjoy his delicious meal.

With Omie, bringing your child's favorite meals becomes a party. Whether it's a hot pasta, a hearty soup or a tasty salad, you can rest assured that the meal will not only look great, but taste great too. At Omie we believe that every meal is prepared with love and care, and with the OmieBox the flavors and nutritional value are preserved.

Give your kids the best nutrition to fuel their day. With Omie, they can eat better and healthier, while you have the peace of mind of giving them the nutritious meals they deserve. Choose convenience, style and functionality with Omie. Order today and discover why Omie is the preferred choice for parents who want their children to enjoy their meals to the fullest, wherever they are.