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Discover the sustainable and stylish lunch packs from Roll'eat, available at HappyBento! Roll'eat is a brand that focuses on reducing waste and promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. With their reusable sandwich bags and lunch packs, they offer a practical and eco-friendly solution for packing your lunch.

The reusable Snack'n'Go sandwich bags are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags. They are made of durable materials such as cotton and polyester, which can be washed and used repeatedly. With the handy Velcro closure, your lunch stays safely stored and your sandwiches stay fresh.

In addition to sandwich bags, Roll'eat also offers lunch packs, such as the Roll'eat Boc'n'Roll. This innovative product combines a placemat and a lunch bag in one. You can simply pack your lunch, unroll the placemat and enjoy a clean and comfortable place to eat. It is a handy solution for on the road, at school or at work.

What makes Roll'eat truly unique is their attention to design and style. The lunch packs are available in different colors and patterns, giving your lunch a personal touch. Whether you like bright colours, geometric prints or subtle designs, Roll'eat has something for everyone.

By choosing the reusable lunch packaging from Roll'eat you contribute to a more sustainable world. You reduce the use of disposable plastic and help reduce the amount of waste. In addition, you also save money in the long run, because you do not have to buy new disposable packaging every time.

At HappyBento you can easily order and combine with other sustainable brands in the range. Whether you choose the reusable sandwich bags or the handy Roll'eat Boc'n'Roll, you will enjoy an environmentally friendly and practical lunch experience.

Order the reusable sandwich bags and lunch packaging at HappyBento today and turn your lunch into a sustainable and stylish affair. Go for convenience, style and environmental awareness!