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Buy Yumbox bento lunch boxes at HappyBento

Yumbox is an American and very popular brand within bento lunch boxes. It was invented by 2 American mothers who want to commit themselves to developing healthy eating habits in children and that in a fun way! Something that we at HappyBento can of course agree with 🙂

Who ever said that carrying a packed lunch is boring. That statement will soon change when your child brings this great Yumbox to school. This lunch box is anything but boring. There's even a touch of magic that makes unwrapping this lunch box even more special.

The Yumbox Panino

This is a bread bin with four separate compartments. This layout makes it even easier to give your child a balanced lunch. You can fill all the compartments with all the items your child needs for lunch. The bread bin has a large compartment for bread, and also smaller compartments that are suitable for small snacks or sauces, for example. The convenience of this lunch box can be found in the fact that it is completely leak-proof. The content stays in place and the content of one container does not overflow into the other because the edges are high. Combine with a Yumbox MiniSnack, Yumbox Tapas or Yumbox Zuppa so that you can provide enough food for both breaks.

The Yumbox Original

The Yumbox Original has 6 compartments in different sizes. The Yumbox has an inner tray with several compartments with nice illustrations. This not only looks very nice, but also invites you to include more varied food. Instead of bread, for example, give vegetables, fruit, crackers or nuts. Of course you can also make beautiful shapes of the bread that fit in the compartments with our bread cutters. Because the Yumbox can be closed leak-proof, it is also possible to include, for example, cottage cheese or dips in the lunch box (no watery substances). Combine with a Yumbox MiniSnack, Yumbox Tapas or Yumbox Zuppa so that you can provide enough food for both breaks.

Ease of use for children

Children can be clumsy at times and they are also playful. The last thing you want as a child is a container or a lunch box that is difficult to open. This lunch box is friendly. The lid is easy to open and close, making it ideal for the smallest children. In addition, the lunch box can take a beating, so it will not easily break if it accidentally falls on the floor. The container offers a lot of space, but is also compact so that it fits in any backpack. The box itself has almost no weight, which means that even the smallest children can simply carry it in their backpack.

Safe and practical

As a parent, you naturally also attach great importance to your child eating and drinking from the healthiest possible container. This bread bin is made entirely of food-safe material. This means that it is free of PVC, BPA, phthalates (these are plasticizers) and silicone that is often used in the production of the lids. The Yumbox is easy to clean. You can choose to put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. It is often advisable to wash the box by hand, because this ensures that the box does not get damaged quickly. You buy the box with the unique tray as standard. This is intended as a replacement for the other tray when it is in the wash, for example. In addition, this tray can also be used as a bento plate for the table.

Handy lunch box for children and parents

You should not miss this handy lunch box if you are looking for a good alternative to all those traditional lunch boxes that are difficult to open or that are made of harmful substances. With this lunch box you have a great alternative in your hands and you can ensure that your children can enjoy a well-deserved lunch without having to worry about the box not being easy to open or the box being easily damaged when they accidentally dropping it on the floor. As a parent you can give this lunch box to your child with confidence and you can also count on the children having a great time when they can eat their lunch from this fantastic container. With the unique and easy layout and also with the ease of use and the appearance of the lunch box, lunching becomes a great pleasure.

Decorate with bento accessories

Make the healthy lunch even more fun and attractive for your child by combining this lunch box with our fun bento accessories. We have a wide range of cheerful bento sticks, bento rings, bread cutters in various themes. We also have various fruit and vegetable cutters and much more! Would you like to see examples and gain inspiration? In our HappyBento Facebook group, varied lunch boxes are shared with other parents every day.