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Bread cutters & moulds

We have all kinds of cutters and molds to turn a healthy and varied bento lunch into a party! We have a wide choice of cutters for bread and also various vegetable & fruit cutters and molds for omelettes, pancakes and boiled eggs.

The nice thing about the cutters is that you can use them for different types of food and therefore endless variations with them. We have various bread cutters in super fun themes, such as Unicorn cutters, Princess cutters, Dinosaur cutters and much more! We also sell the popular LunchPunch collection. With these fun cutters you can cheer up your sandwiches in no time. With the bread cutters you can also cut out spreads, fruit or biscuits in addition to bread. And so you can also cut out sausage or cheese with the vegetable & fruit cutters, super handy!

By offering fruit & vegetables in fun shapes, your child is stimulated to try and eat this. An ideal way to make healthy eating attractive. Do you want even more variety? Then make a delicious omelette or healthy pancake for the lunch box with a nice omelette/pancake shaper. In addition, we have super nice egg molds in various themes to give a boiled egg in a nice shape in the lunch box.

Of course, these molds and cutters are also very nice to use at home for breakfast, lunch, treats or parties. They are also ideal for making a MonkeyPlatter with healthy snacks. We regularly supplement our range with new accessories and themes so that you can continue to vary endlessly.

Make healthy eating even more fun by combining the shapes and cutters with cheerful bento sticks or fun bento rings. By using different accessories you can vary more with the food in the lunch box and it remains surprising and special for your child.