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bento lunch boxes

If you have children, you naturally want them to eat a healthy and varied diet. Quite a challenge when you know that 55% of children eat too little fruit and vegetables. Moreover, more than 13% of Dutch children are overweight. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to let your children eat healthy with pleasure. The bento lunch is a good example of this. A healthy lunch that looks nice and is easy to take with you.

The bento box came over from Japan. Children, but also adults, enjoy these beautifully made boxes during lunch every day. Traditionally, the lunch box is filled with a portion of rice, meat or fish and cooked or raw vegetables. In the Netherlands, children usually do not eat rice for lunch. So we simply replace the rice with, for example, beautifully cut sandwiches, pieces of fruit or a meal salad. Because you may also want to give hot dishes, there are all kinds of different bento boxes available. Bento doesn't mean "handy" for nothing.

Fill boxes

Do you like to use as many different products as possible? Then choose one bento box with many compartments. This makes the lunch not only more beautiful, it is also practical. That way the whole thing doesn't get mixed up. With the Yumbox Original fill up to 6 boxes. You combine snacks with yogurt in different compartments, without it leaking. If you prefer a bento box in which you can also put larger sandwiches, the Yumbox Panino something for you. With the HappyBento 2-in-1 you can alternate. This box contains removable trays, so you can turn it into 4 or 6 compartments. Or would you rather opt for the nice prints of Little Lunch Box of A Little Lovely Company? Of course we also have for snacks snack trays in various colors and models. In addition, we also have a wide range of normal lunch boxes, such as the Dutch brand Mepal.

We sell lunch boxes for young childrenteenagers but also for adults do we have enough choice.

What type of box do you choose?

Which type of box you choose depends on the type of food. When giving yogurt, smoothies, soup or other liquid food, you obviously don't want a leaky box. Lukewarm yogurt is also not very tasty. There are different boxes that keep the food both hot and cold for up to 8 hours.

Which is always a good choice are the lunch boxes from These are super flexible to arrange, leak-proof, extremely strong and have a built-in cooling element. In addition, they are available in many nice colors and sizes.
Are you really looking for insulating lunch items? These are available with a capacity of up to 0,5 liters or with compartments. The Yumbox Zuppa is a good option for keeping food hot or cold, for example. The cheerful one Carl Oscar N'ice lunch box contains a cooling element in the lid. This keeps your food fresh and cool for a long time. The insulating lunch items are available with a capacity of up to 0,5 liters or with compartments.

Eating out of plastic, is that a good idea?

All boxes are made of BPS free plastic. This means that no chemicals are used. That is so safe for you and your child. Because you can wash and reuse the boxes, you never have to use plastic or paper bags again. So that is a lot more sustainable. Would you rather not use plastic? Then the reusable ones food wraps from Roll'eat maybe something for you.