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Discover the perfect combination of style and functionality with Melii, now available at HappyBento! At HappyBento, we are excited to introduce you to the beautiful world of Melii, where innovative lunch products and sophisticated designs come together for a unique dining experience.

Melii is all about a commitment to quality, practicality and a touch of playfulness. Each product is designed with both parents and children in mind. While parents enjoy accessories that match their kitchen decor, Melii products are specially designed to enchant the little ones with fun and colorful designs.

The proud label “Designed in Canada by two moms: Melissa B. (Meli) + Melissa R. (Meli) = Melii” is more than just an indication of origin. It represents the coming together of two unique personalities and sharing their passion for creating a brand that delights both parents and children.

At HappyBento we are proud to offer Melii, a brand founded with love and care that bridges style and functionality in the world of baby, toddler and children's accessories. With Melii, we want to make every meal an enjoyable and meaningful experience for you and your little ones.

Choose your favorite Melii products today and enjoy a new dimension of lunchtime enjoyment. At HappyBento we make every meal a chance to shine with Melii!