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What is bento?

Bento is a method of eating healthy, varied and of course tasty. It originated centuries ago in Japan and is suitable for adults and children. With the help of a special lunch box, they turn every lunch into a creative dinner party. What appears to work very well in Japan can of course also work very well here, and that is already apparent in practice. It certainly works very well for all those people who do not want to eat less varied and healthy at work or at school than at home. For you as a mother, the Bentobox is also a fun way to get your child to eat healthy, even if a child is not an easy eater.

How does a bento lunch work?

Actually, the idea of ​​Bento is very simple. Just as every meal should consist of several parts (to get all the necessary nutrients), so apply that principle to your child's lunch. Specially developed lunch boxes make it easy for you, because they contain different compartments. For example, you put bread in one compartment. Wholemeal bread one day, white bread the next (if your child loves it), a currant bun the next day. You can also add some healthy nuts. In another compartment you put some fruit, and it is of course very easy to alternate there too. Your son or daughter will find vegetables in the next box, and there is also plenty of choice. But as it is very common in Japan to have rice or sushi for lunch, you can also add rice, sushi or pasta for your child. All in all, you can be sure that your toddler, preschooler or school-going child eats a healthy and varied diet every day.

Lunch will be fun

But we're not there yet. After all, not every child likes everything. Not every child likes to eat. With some children, eating is even a struggle every day. But what would that be like if it is also a surprise for your child every day what mom has come up with? That every lunch moment is exciting and fun to open that bento box? You influence your child's eating behavior, and with a bit of creativity, your son or daughter will probably also like food. How do you do that? By not simply putting some food in those boxes, but by making your child's entire lunch box more attractive. The core of Bento is that your toddler, preschooler or school-going child is curious every day and his appetite is stimulated. You can do this by turning every compartment of the Bentobox into a small party. For example, as you always make something fun out of a birthday party at home and your little one's treat at school, you can do this on a small scale with the lunch box of your son or daughter. That will cost you some work every evening or morning, but you can count on it that you are doing your child, and therefore yourself, a huge favor. The love of and for your child also goes through the stomach.

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