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Yoghurt & Fruit trays

At HappyBento we have everything you need to turn your healthy snacks into a party, including our practical yoghurt and fruit trays. Whether you are on the road, working in the office or having a picnic in the park, our containers are the perfect companion for keeping your favorite yoghurts and fruits fresh and delicious.

Our yoghurt containers are specially designed with convenience and functionality in mind. They come in a variety of sizes and feature a tight-fitting lid to ensure your yogurt stays safe and leak-proof. The handy size makes it easy to take your favorite yogurt with you without any hassle or mess. In addition, our containers are made of durable materials that are safe for food and easy to clean.

For storing your favorite fruit, we have fruit trays that are ideal for keeping your freshly cut pieces of fruit fresh. Our fruit bowls feature a separate compartment to separate your fruit from other snacks or meals. This helps preserve the freshness of your fruit and prevents the flavors and smells from mixing. The compact size of our fruit bowls makes them convenient to carry in your bag or lunch box.

At HappyBento we understand the importance of eating healthy and encouraging an active lifestyle. Our yoghurt and fruit trays are not only convenient to use, but also contribute to reducing waste through reuse. By choosing reusable containers you contribute to a sustainable future and you protect the environment.

Discover our range of yoghurt and fruit trays in our webshop and complete your healthy snack routine. HappyBento stands for quality, functionality and sustainability, and we strive to provide you with the best products for your daily needs. Turn your yogurt and fruit into a tasty adventure with HappyBento!