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Children's tableware made of silicone & plastic

Complete children's & baby tableware made of silicone or plastic

Our safe silicone children's tableware has no sharp edges, does not get hot and does not break. It consists of several brightly colored parts that can be purchased separately. This also applies to the cutlery set; there are sets with, for example, only spoons for sale. For safety, certain parts have a non-slip bottom or a suction cup. As a result, it cannot easily slide off the table. The fact that baby dishes can be used in the microwave and is suitable for the dishwasher is not a superfluous luxury, because it will be used a lot. When purchasing baby or children's tableware, the more the better. A standard baby set consists of:

  • a square board or practice board with a high edge and a non-slip bottom;
  • a (practice) cup;
  • a bowl or snack tray;
  • a cutlery set, fork and spoon. A children's tableware set often also has a knife.
  • a bib or placemat

A child-friendly children's service for your own use

'NO! Do it yourself!' Don't you know it yet? Then he will be coming your way soon… at full volume. The determined 'I-do', including a determined look, is an equally notorious variant of this. It's a mining pile. An important step towards independence.

A baby service is nice to give as a maternity gift, so you may already have parts at home. It does not need to be purchased until your child starts learning to eat and shows an interest in cutlery by, for example, wanting to hold it. The development is different for every child, but in general the toddler age can be assumed, often from about one year.

Own crockery prepares for the meal

When the period of breastfeeding and / or bottle feeding is about to be completed, the UK will start eating cautious, but real snacks. Of course, this includes a beautiful own and above all safe children's tableware. The eye eats first, so the baby sets are made attractive with fun colours, shapes and images. This also ensures recognisability for the child: his/her crockery can be seen, so he/she will eat in no time. Predictability is nice.

Eating together is growing together

Learning to eat independently is important for a child's development. It's more than just stuffing something down to fill the stomach and grow.
Sitting together at the table and more or less eating with 'the familiar greats' creates a sense of connection. This also boosts self-confidence. Eating with your own cutlery from your own plate is of course also necessary, because a toddler cannot handle normal cutlery. It's much too big for the mouth, too big to hold yourself and much (much!) too sharp.

Messing around is okay, maybe even helpful

Sometimes one baby seems to be able to eat properly, while the other makes a festive mess. Food feels good, it has different colours, structures and is easy to knead. A child is curious, so wants to play with it, feel it. Throwing is also fun. According to supporters of the Rapley method, it has been shown that toddlers who enjoy rubbing their hands in their food develop a better eating pattern than toddlers who get their food from a jar on a neat spoon. Have faith that even messing with food gets boring after a while.

Finally, some tips that you already know

Make sure the child gains self-confidence, also during eating. This can be done by encouraging it and giving compliments. No matter how much dawdling and messing around, if something new more or less succeeds, it's great.
Burns in children are more common than you probably dare to suspect. Often this just happens at home with father and mother nearby. It is therefore advisable to put the child in the high chair and only then to start walking with pans. Put everything out of your child's reach. Not only can children stretch their arms, they can also bend forward and stand in their high chair.
Always taste a bite of your child first to check whether it is not too hot. Waiting too long is always better than waiting too short in this case. Incidentally, tablecloths are also very attractive to put on. A placemat with an anti-slip layer or a washable bib with a collection flap is an alternative.

Never leave your child alone when eating. Some (popular) food products for children can be dry or difficult to swallow. This also applies to food that is often given to very small children. Choking and suffocation is a real danger. You don't always hear that. A child can become eerily quiet.

Safe children's tableware, without bamboo

We do not sell tableware made of bamboo or combined with bamboo. Bamboo crockery should not be used in the microwave or in the dishwasher. The addition of melamine made the material stronger, so that it could be used in the dishwasher and microwave. However, there was a chance that harmful substances could leak into the food. We only sell 100% safe children's tableware. Our children's tableware and accessories are made of materials such as premium silicone or plastic (PP plastic) or 100% melamine (suitable for children above 3 years).