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OmieBox is a bento box for hot and cold in 1 box. The bento box has two layers (temperature zones) so that, for example, your soup stays warm and your fruit and raw vegetables nice and cool. You can also use the bento box without the thermos so that you have an extra large compartment for sandwiches or wraps. The OmieBox is designed for children and is therefore easy to open and use.

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OmieBox insulated bento lunch box – Meadow


OmieBox from OmieLife

The Omielife box is an insulated bento box that allows you to take both hot and cold food with you. There are two parts that keep your food warm, for example soup, on the one hand, and the other part ensures that your fruit, vegetables or sandwiches do not get hot and soggy.

The Omiebox is a lunch box with several compartments. Compartments on the side that you can also divide yourself with the divider. And in the large compartment, you can store the thermos. You can also use the bento box without the themes and then you have an extra large compartment for sandwiches or wraps, for example.

You can therefore use the OmieBox for many different varied lunches or for your breakfast and lunch together. For example yogurt with oat flakes and fruit, and wraps with fruit and nuts for lunch. Or oatmeal muffins for breakfast with fruit, and in the themos for lunch a delicious soup with some extra raw vegetables. With or without the thermos, there are endless possibilities!

Due to the silicone inside of the lid, the side compartments are leak-proof. They are leak-proof for cottage cheese and thick dips such as humus. Only the themos is suitable for soup or yoghurt. If you do not use the themos and want to use the large compartment, only dry ingredients such as sandwiches, wraps or pancakes and 'dry' fruit and vegetables such as green beans or pieces of apple can be used. There is no silicone in that part of the lid.

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18,3 x 18,3 x 7,4 cm (excluding handle)


1,7 liters


18/8 (304) Stainless Steel, Made of PP and silicone. BPS, PVC, BPA and phthalate free



790 gr. (with thermos), 510 gr. (without thermos)